1 /skri:n/ noun
1 TELEVISION/COMPUTER (C) the flat glass part of a television or computer: This popular show will be back on your screens in the autumn. | on screen (=on a computer screen): It's easy to change the text on screen before printing it.
a) (C) the large white surface that pictures are shown on in a cinema
b) (singular, uncountable) films in general: The play was adapted for the screen.
3 MOVABLE WALL (C) a kind of wall that can be moved around, used to divide one part of a room from another: The nurse put a screen around my bed.
4 HIDE OR PROTECT (countable usually singular) something or someone that protects or hides someone or something else: We planted these bushes as a screen, as the shed is so ugly. | It turned out that the used car business was just a screen for his drug-dealing activities.
5 DOOR/WINDOW (C) a wire net put in front of a window or door that allows air into the house but keeps insects out
6 CHURCH (C) a decorative wall in some churches
7 SPORTS (C) AmE a player or group of players in a game who protect the player who has the ball
—see also: smokescreen, sunscreen 2 verb (T)
1 TEST FOR ILLNESS to do tests on a lot of people to find out whether they have a particular illness: Because of the higher risks, we try to screen all women over 50. | screen sb for: We were all screened for hepatitis.
2 HIDE STH to hide or protect something by putting something in front of it
(+ off): A large hat screened her face. | Part of the room was screened off as a reception area. | screen sth (off) from: The house is screened from the road by a row of trees.
3 TEST EMPLOYEES to examine or test people to make sure that they will be loyal to your company, organization etc: All applicants are screened for security.
4 PROTECT SB to protect someone who is involved in dishonest or illegal activities: He had been screening his business partner during the fraud investigation.
5 TELEVISION to show a film or television programme
screen sth out phrasal verb (T)
1 to prevent something harmful from entering or passing through: Sun lotions screen out damaging ultraviolet light.
2 to decide that someone or something is not suitable for a job, position etc

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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